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Spiritual wealth from T. Austin-Sparks, Pastor Otto Stockmayer, John Wright Follette, and others whose ministries have given us wonderful treasures of Christian Wisdom.

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Deeply taught saints of yesteryear have shared with us their insights and treasures of Christian wisdom in their written and spoken messages. Current day men under the pen name "Three Brothers" have compiled, edited and republished much of this treasure of Christian wisdom to make it available for the seeking believer today. Their efforts have culminated in four volumes by T. Austin-Sparks of England, four volumes by Pastor Otto Stockmayer of Switzerland, and two volumes by John Wright Follette. Their offerings include an edited republication of Mary McDonough's classic God's Plan of Redemption complete with charts and chart explanations, as well as some collections of original, thought-provoking, essays. Their volumes will push the earnest believer to reconsider many commonly held concepts of modern-day Christianity and challenge him to commune more deeply with his God.



NOTE: Can't believe it has been 9 months since I updated this page! Christmas 2003 is just around the corner!

Older son, Philip, is back at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR, completing the first semester of his third year! That means he is more than halfway through his college career. Thankfully, he continues to grow as a person while continuing to pursue his broadcasting career goals. He has also decided to do a double major, realizing that a love for history is worth the extra effort. Needless to say, he is a busy guy! Once again, he is actively involved with doing play by play radio broadcasting of the school basketball games as well as playing on the newly resurrected baseball club team.

Younger son, David, is now a high schooler, in the 9th grade! He still attends Dayspring, a homeschoolers' learning arts academy. He spends two days per week being assisted in a "school" environment with the core subjects. He also spends one day per week there in an enrichment program where he is emphasizing drama. While there, he receives his piano lessons from the director of the academy, an outstanding pianist and teacher. This continues to be challenging and enjoyable for him.

Life and work for Susan and me have taken a major turn. I am no longer on staff at New City Fellowship of St. Louis. We both completed our training to become Massage Therapists, an exciting and awesome modality for ministering to God's people! This was a marvelous learning, growing, stretching time for us, both individually and as a married couple. It is exciting to see what God is doing with us as we learn to follow our hearts, becoming the people He has made us to be!

Susan is doing most of the Massage work, working out of a small, cozy office not far from home. She also maintains the home, oversees the homeschooling, and takes care of the two new dogs.

I do a little of the Massage, enough, at least, to keep my hand in it. I also teach the Anatomy & Physiology class at the Massage Therapy school we attended. Besides that I am running the family lawn service business. This summer we hit the "big time", investing in a significant tractor with implements to move dirt, mow grass, and dig holes. Along with a wood chipper we now have the capabaility to do landscaping, lot clearing and leveling, and fence/deck building. The Lord has really blessed this venture, keeping the work steady and paying the bills!

Besides all this, the plan is to do a better job of keeping the web site up to date. We finally got the second Trotter volume, Parables of the Christ Life, reprinted. We would like to offer a regular "newsletter", as well, to offer the original work of Mr. Sparks, and perhaps some other works as well.

In the midst of the busyness we have managed to stay current with your orders - thank you for them! The latest project is a reprinting of Parables of the Cross, since the first printing is nearly gone! This volume has been well received, Thank You! The reprinting of this first volume will have improved graphics and be formatted similarly to the second volume.

Any questions, feel free to contact us by email or phone or postal mail as noted below.

Enjoy browsing the site,
       looking at what is offered on the Book List,
            getting the Free excerpts
                  and deciding what you think of the material.
We would love for all of you to share with us your suggestions, ideas, and comments.

Thank you for your patronage and understanding support.

Sincerely and in the Love and Grace of Christ our Savior,

Jon A. Moreshead


Three Brothers Books is the distribution ministry of "Three Brothers". We are dedicated to providing quality Christian literature at reasonable cost. Prices are intended to only cover expenses without paying any personal salary. Thus we are dependent on the Lord's favor to keep supplies available. We will accept donations if you are so led. Please contact me with questions via email, phone, fax or postal service.

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