Ecommerce Plus Generic Template - Instructions

The template here uses two simple tables and one editable region, this makes changing the design, colours and addition of graphics incredibly simple. We've also included a .css file for you to work from.

The top dark blue section is a table with one row, two columns and a background color. You can add rows columns and graphics to get the header section looking the way you want it.

Below that is another table, with a left hand side cell set to 130 pixels and a light blue background color and the main cell set at 100%. Within that main cell is another table, which is the editable section. This can be split into rows and columns to add your main content, news sections, text, graphics etc.

At the bottom you have the text links and copyright information.


We have included an example .css file for you to work from for changing text and hyperlink properties.


The only graphics associated are the ecommercetemplates logo, which should be replaced with your own and clearpixel.gif which is a transparent spacer gif used for holding cells open and positioning. The left hand menu uses text but could of course be simply adapted to a graphical menu.


You can probably make all the changes you need to this template yourself but if you require any custom work or professional help, please contact Andy at andy@ibswebdesign.com and he'll send you a quote for the work you require.


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