Archive for January, 2018

With the help of my friend and technical supporter, Mark Hultgren, we have been able to get this blog back to its original content with improved functionality.

As a result, you can find the entire content of Pastor Stockmayer’s treatise called “Devoted” now posted here on the site.  The first selection begins at the bottom  of the first page and subsequent selections are then added as you go up the pages since they are posted in chronological order.  Scroll to the bottom of the first page and click on “Older Entries” to get to the first page.  The first selection is also seen at the top of the opening page since I reposted it more recently (to “entice” you 🙂  )

Now that the blog is once again properly functional new postings will be made periodically so be sure to sign up in the form at the right to receive notifications of updates when they occur.


Thank you for reading; we hope it blesses and benefits you!