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First Posted December 9th, 2007

Welcome to the first of several serials presented by Three Brothers Books.

This posting is the first in a series of messages by Pastor Otto Stockmayer.

My Dad, George A. Moreshead, (Three Brothers) collected these in a volume called Sanctified Ones.

We will reproduce these selections here on the blog.

The eventual intent is to make them available under one cover in a document by the same title. Enjoy this first selection!



I have on my heart to show you, as far as God has revealed it to me, what sanctification means in its elementary, primary sense. If a building does not rise higher and higher, and come to its consummation, there is failure in the foundation. And it may be good to see a little to the foundation–to the elementary great lines in the life of Christ, as they are traced and shown in the Old Testament. The Lord Jesus, by sanctifying Himself, has made us to be sanctified ones; and the root meaning of the word sanctification shows it to be not the end, but the beginning. He sanctified Himself that we might be sanctified ones: “We are sanctified through the offering of Jesus Christ once for all.” The offering of the body of Jesus Christ makes us to be sanctified ones, a people who belong no more to ourselves but to Him.

We have no right to exist but for Him. No movement, no power, no breath, no intelligence, no spirit, no mouth belong to us; we have no liberty to use anything in any part of our being but for God. We have been purchased for God through the Blood of the Son, that everything from which sin has been eliminated might be brought back to God; and if there is in your life, your household, your married life, your public or private life, that which does not yet proclaim the glory of God and is not yielded to His majesty, it is sin. He died that they who live may live by Him and exist for Him.

I think, insofar as I have light, that God had a high and definite purpose in creating man and bringing him upon this earth: that man, created after the Image of God–a creation which had never been before, might ultimately cast out from this world “the prince of this world.” This seems to me to have been His plan. Through trusting the will of his God and Father, Adam would have not only silenced Satan but himself taken the place God had given him–the ruling place on the earth. By obedience to God and trust in God, he would have cast out the devil forever from any claim upon the globe; but instead, through not trusting the word of God and not trusting the love of God, Adam fell, and thus opened the way for a larger dominion of the devil than ever.

Sin developed. The Flood could do nothing. Immediately after the Flood, sin came in in a new form and in a hideous way.

The moment came when God called Abraham and took him out of the nations to be a plant through whom–and through his seed–all nations might be blessed; He purposed that from this center Satan might be thrown out. But Israel–Abraham’s seed–fell. Then came the Son of God to bring everything back to God–He who stood in the background, or rather in the foreground, when God created Adam, as God’s Guarantee. If the ground has been cursed, it is only because Jesus stood beside God, ready to become–in the fulfillment of times–a curse. The whole world–the whole earth, good and bad–would have been irretrievably cursed if He had not stood before God to be made a curse on the Tree.

Everything which is not Christ comes under the curse, and anything in our lives, in our hearts, or in our households–anything which does not mean Christ, which does not raise the cry, “Crown Him King”–must be found out. In every department in which Christ has not yet ruled, or is not yet able to rule, Christ must come in; He must possess the whole life. What the first Adam could not bring back to God, the second Adam must; it belongs to us and our obedience to the Holy Ghost to show that Christ is able to conquer everything–every beating of our hearts, every movement of our will–and bring all back to God: to make us to be sanctified ones. This is not a certain degree of sanctification, understood in some fleshly, human way; it simply means that we belong to God–only to God. By His offering He made us to be sanctified ones–those who are brought back to God, over whom God has every right; and insofar as we understand by the Spirit of God the meaning of the offering of the body of Jesus Christ on the Cross, sin no longer has any claim to us.

The fact that everything which returns not to God is cursed and devoted to destruction comes out in chapter 6 of Joshua more clearly than anywhere else in the Old Testament. This chapter brings us to the culminating point in the history of Israel. Forty years before, everything was ready for Israel: the land was ready, and the inhabitants were ready for judgment and destruction. We notice in Genesis 15 that in speaking to Abraham about the future of Israel and their going down to Egypt, the Lord says, “In the fourth generation they shall come hither again, for the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet full.”

When God sent Moses, it was the full time. Israel had been long enough under the yoke and the frightful burden imposed upon them by the Egyptians, but those four generations in slavery were needful for Israel. They had to be trained for the Holy Land through servitude, that they might know afterwards what it would mean to serve the living God and to be devoted to Him in all respects. But those four generations were also needful for the Amorites; just as Israel needed to ripen for the Holy Land, so the Amorites needed to ripen for judgment and destruction when their iniquity should be full. The moment when Israel should take their land was the moment of the judgment and destruction of the old inhabitants. Everything must go to its full manifestation–to the last end: holiness to God on the part of Israel, and iniquity and sin on the part of the Amorites.

The more we understand our high calling and take our true standing in the world as sanctified ones, the more rapidly the world will ripen in its iniquity. Two things ripen, the one calling the ripening of the other. Through our holiness and the fullness of our testimony, the world ripens for destruction; and through the ripening of the world we are constrained to wake to our true calling and hasten our conformity to the Image of Christ. The whole creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God, and the ripening of the Amorites of the world around us calls to remembrance our calling in this world: to be witnesses in this world, to show what the sacrifice of Jesus Christ means, and to show that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross has the power to transform us into sanctified ones.

Chapter 6 of Joshua is one of the most difficult, if not impossible, chapters to be translated literally. Notice–by way of getting deeper into the inner meaning of the chapter–that in several places the word accursed is translated devoted:

“And the city shall be devoted, even it and all that is therein, to the Lord….”
“But as for you, only keep yourselves from the devoted thing, lest when ye have devoted it, ye take of the devoted thing; so would ye make the camp of Israel devoted and trouble it.”

“And they devoted all that was in the city, both man and woman, both young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass with the edge of the sword.”

“And they burnt the city with fire, and all that was therein; only the silver and the gold, and the vessels of brass and of iron they put into the treasury of the House of the Lord.”

God could not burn silver and iron, things which stand the fire; these came back to God’s treasury to be used in His temple.

In consecration meetings you have said [to the Lord], “My body, soul, and spirit belong to Thee.” Then you take of the devoted thing and use it for your own wicked life, your pleasure and satisfaction, taking from the altar that which has been devoted to the living God. “So would ye make the camp of Israel devoted,” says the Revised Version. By taking off the altar that which you have put upon the altar, you devote that which is holy to destruction. So it was with Ananias and Sapphira: they kept back part for themselves. The sins must be brought to the light and judged; otherwise there is no power–spiritual power–to bring other things to the light, and there is an interruption of the flowing of the Life-blood of Christ.

You remember the last word in the history of King Belshazzar, when he was judged in the night with the writing on the wall: “Belshazzar the king made a great feast to a thousand of his lords and drank wine before the thousand. Belshazzar, while he tasted the wine, commanded to bring the golden and silver vessels which Nebuchadnezzar his father had taken out of the temple which was in Jerusalem” (and which had been respected to that moment) “that the king, his lords, his wives, and his concubines might drink therein. Then they brought the golden vessels that were taken out of the temple of the House of God which was at Jerusalem; and the king, and his lords, his wives, and his concubines drank from them. They drank wine and praised the gods of gold and of silver, of brass, of iron, of wood, and of stone. In the same hour came forth the fingers of a man’s hand.”

He was ripe for judgment. That was the last straw: to take holy things that had come from the temple in Jerusalem–and which his forefathers had respected–things which had been consecrated to Jehovah, and use them for his wives and concubines! In the same night judgment came.

We are to go back into the treasury, into the possession of God–that which Christ has purchased back for God, and to proclaim through the world and the Church that we are Christians through the Blood of the Lamb; all back to the altar–silver, gold, iron, and whatever can stand destruction–all must go into the treasury for the Lord’s personal use. And if God be pleased to appear in the midst of us and reveal any bit of silver or gold–any bit of our life, in speaking or doing–which is not practically consecrated to the Lord, we should see to it that we are truly consecrated ones. Everything which fire could not destroy, like gold, silver, or iron, is to be brought into the Sanctuary forever and ever–withdrawn from any use for human purpose. That is the word: withdrawn–our members, tone, brain, finger, arm, intelligence.

All these glorious things had what final end? “To the end that we should be (that we should exist, live, move) unto the praise of His glory.” That is our right existence–created and redeemed for Him! As such, we are brought to a higher state than man knew before the Fall; for Redemption brings us not back where we had been before the Fall, but bestows upon man the honor of being in Christ a new creation–a higher state than before the Fall. In the light of this fact, read again your Bible; it will be like a new key, so that you will then no more read it in an emotional way, but to be strengthened and established in your high calling to suffer, to walk, and to live for Him. And then our poor little personalities will disappear from the horizon of others, and from our own horizon; for insofar as the glories–the eternal glories–get real before our mind, other things get unreal and lose their power.

Now, friends, to exist unto the praise of His glory means to be sanctified–sanctified vessels, brought into the Sanctuary. Whatever the Lord takes hold upon and calls and acknowledges as His own is by that very fact sanctified unto God. O, let us be pure. Perhaps this life on the altar is not yet homelike for some of us; perhaps some of us still have a fear of living on the altar. But such a life–a sanctified and consecrated life–is the only normal life.

Oh, my friends, it simply means that all we are and all we have are at God’s disposal. Sanctified ones–not those with a certain degree of holiness, but sanctified through the offering of the body of Christ. Before you speak of any progress of sanctification, know the basis: you are sanctified ones; and it does not mean stealing away and taking back from the altar that which has been brought back to God; but it means, through the Blood of Christ, being devoted to God for His exclusive, personal use.

How often the sin of Israel is committed in Christian life, when certain things–portions of our life purchased and sanctified for God–are taken back from the altar and used for our personal life. God said later on: “I cannot, and I will not, be with you if you take away the devoted thing.” You may cry, you may pray, you may do what you will, but until you find out the devoted thing and bring back to God not yourselves only, but the thing which belongs to Him, it cannot prosper and you cannot prosper.

Everything hangs on that one point–that in the innermost center true consecrated ones learn to live on the altar with all they have and all they are. Home life is the altar of God; even the swallow found her nest and her resting-place there (Psalm 84:3). It is best for homesickness. We hasten homeward to the altar of God, to the place which Calvary has opened for us–to the life in God, through God, and for God through the power of the Blood, and the Word, and the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Another “Repeat” – First Published November 20th, 2007:

I have been blessed to find an article that you all may appreciate!

Go here and enjoy:

The Deepest Freedom



As part of the “New Beginnings” we are posting some content that was posted previously and lost in the transition. Here is the first:

A Call to Purity (of Thinking)

Originally published November 20th, 2007

“Purity” is a HUGE word in the Christian world. It is something to which we all attain. It is a level of behavior to which all serious believers strive to attain. Usually it is related to sexual behavior, though it also has implications to finances and most other aspects of life.

However, I am not talking about a purity of behavior. That is important and understood.

I am talking about something more basic, something upon which the outward appearance of behavior is based. I am talking about a purity not just of mind, where our thoughts are pure, but of MINDSET. By this I mean that part of us that is our “programming”, the part of us that controls everything else about which we think, do, and say.

Let me tell you a story to try to explain it.

I was raised in a Christian family and from an early age was a believer, at least in mind and intent. In high school I had the unfathomable privilege of sitting under the teaching of my Dad as he rigorously instructed us in the principles of Mary McDonough’s God’s Plan of Redemption. (Available at the website and should, in my opinion, be the first book given – and taught – a new believer right after he gets his Bible!) So I was well grounded in Christian belief. Following college I taught in two Christian schools, spent two years in the US Navy on active duty, and two years in a graduate school program. So I had lots of experience in life under my belt from “both sides of the street” so to speak.

Then I put foot inside a medical school classroom. From the VERY FIRST day I knew something was amiss. Something was not right. I could not come up with a word to describe accurately my knowing. Medical school was not particularly “immoral”, at least no more and probably less so than some of the other places I had been to date. Nor was it “moral”. It made choices based not on God’s Law, or righteousness, or even human sanctity at times. It was a law unto itself. So I used the word “amoral” to describe my feeling, knowing it wasn’t accurate or adequate, but knowing that was all I had at the time.

Seven years later, having completed medical school and a three year residency, I was beginning a private practice. A dear friend sent me a book titled Confessions of a Medical Heretic. In it, the author, a pediatrician who grew up in the Jewish faith, likened medicine to a religious system. He pointed out that every religious system has certain components:


To clarify the point, in Medicine they are as follows (you can likely figure out most):

Temple – Hospital
Priest – Doctor
Vestments – White coat, nurses’ uniforms, etc.
Sacraments – History taking, Diagnosis
Rituals – Physical Exam, Tests
Pronouncements – “You have <disease>” or “you have 6 months to live”
Tools – Stethoscopes, Xray machines, Blood tests, etc.

Imagine my little brain whirling as the lights all of a sudden came on in a blaze! I finally understood and could articulate what was wrong all those years I had been in medicine! I had been in a different religious culture and hadn’t known it!! I was worshiping at an altar different than the one I had come to love as a child, different than the one which paid homage to the One True God, and didn’t know it!!! And at the same time I was remaining true in my beliefs about God, going to church, fellowshiping with fellow believers, etc. But my mind was being trained in a system in antithesis to that of Loving Father.

I was “pure” of thinking and acting, but I DID NOT have Purity of Thought.

Please excuse my personal example. Now let me get more personal with you. What religious system are you in?

Let me list a few (I apologize ahead of time if I tread on some toes or feelings here).

Church, including the churches of Christianity
Medicine, of course

I would suggest to you that each of these have their own religious components as outlined above, making them each a religious system. If we are trained in them, we have been trained to be priests in the various religions.

Now, am I saying that we should get out of all of these (all of life, then) and go hide somewhere to be pure?


We are called to be in these fields of endeavor, redemptively.

But here is the point.

We need to be AWARE of the religious nature of each of these. Our call is to be disciples of the ONE and ONLY TRUE YAHWEH and His Son, YESHUA. We are not called to be priests of some other religion.  Being aware of the difference gives us the power and  freedom to disengage from one and follow the other when the necessity to do so arises. It gives us proper perspective and makes the choice easier to follow God when it comes to choices of that nature. It keeps us aligned with heavenly values and insights. It will make us Education Heretics, Law Heretics, Business Heretics, Marketing Heretics, Heretics in general. Some of us may find that a difficult place in which to be.

However, it will give us a Purity of Thinking!

May Loving Father be Honored and Blessed in that!



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