Hard Questions – Stockmayer Selection 4

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(I Kings 10:1-13)

We still speak of sanctification and sanctified ones. The Queen of Sheba had hard questions upon her heart. In every condition and platform and situation of human life–for the mother, the father, the teacher, the pupil, the workman, and in whatever sphere of life man may be occupied–there arise, sooner or later, hard questions which claim a solution; and man is discouraged and despondent when the solution is not found.

The Queen was an intelligent woman who had a heart for her people. Those who have no heart for others do not know what hard questions are, but those who would help us and are true ministers in their own place meet hard questions. Nobody could help her; nobody near to her country had taken things so much to heart as this queen. When she heard of the fame of the far away Solomon and of his wisdom, there rose as a star in the night on her horizon the suggestion: May not this man be the one who will bring light on the hard questions?

What did she find? Something far above that which she had ever seen. Before this she had never found answers for her hard questions; now she found answers above and beyond what she would have asked or thought, because she came to a man who was a type of Christ.

The reason which drew my attention to this portion of Holy Scripture is that the queen found there sanctified ones, who attracted her attention after Solomon had answered her personal questions. “Solomon told her all her questions; there was not anything hid from the king which he told her not.” When her heart was lightened and burden-free, then she looked around: “And when the Queen of Sheba had seen all the wisdom of Solomon, and the house that he had built and the food of his table and the sitting of his servants”–for she was a queen, an intelligent woman who was accustomed to have an eye on everything in her own palace–when she saw the apparel even of his cupbearers, and servants, she found in everything wisdom beyond that which she had expected. All these things made such an impression upon her that she had no more spirit; it was more than she could bear.

Have we ever gone through such an experience? Oh, let us learn together from this queen to come nearer to Him who is more than Solomon to know His wisdom. Behind every dark question and hard question of your life there is hidden Divine wisdom; behind the deepest, darkest questions there is hidden wonderful new light. These dark questions have just been thrust upon our pathway that we may draw deeper and nearer into that deeper wisdom which is in Christ; all wisdom is hid in Him. The problems in our life and the hard passages in Scripture will all find their proper solution as we go a step deeper into Christ, the Eternal Wisdom. Hard questions that yesterday threatened to make us break down are meant to lead us deeper into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and into a purer atmosphere; that which once threatened to cover our horizon with darkness now opens a new horizon of light and glory.

Then the queen stopped in her amazement to look at his sanctified ones. Like all great personages such as kings and emperors, Solomon had those who stood continually before him in his service; they were sanctified. I mean that they had been taken out of the duties of daily life; they performed no longer the ordinary engagements of this life. They had to do nothing but satisfy the king and keep at his post. She saw the whole line of ministering ones who stood as servants continually before him. From time to time the king called for one and another to minister, and they went at his bidding. They never complained when they had to stand; they learned, little by little, that there was something higher than to run out to accomplish the desire of the king; it was to be permitted to stand and listen to the endless treasures of the wisdom of King Solomon without ever getting weary.

I say they did not complain when they had to stand day after day at his disposal. Let our time be filled, when the Lord has no special command for us, with listening the whole day, that we may better execute tomorrow the commission of the King than we could otherwise do. Let us be thankful if He keeps some days as silent days; thankful, too, if He fills our days from the earliest morning to the latest night with ministry. But the condition of such full days is that the day before we used our time to meet God and to get ready for whatever service he may commit to His sanctified ones, who hear His wisdom when standing before Him and then get new wisdom in the very fulfilment of His commission. If you use fully the time of sitting before God and keep looking deeper into the Divine wisdom of His Holy Book, then you will find wisdom–hidden wisdom–unfolding before your eyes in the hardest commission the Lord may give you. It is just an impossibility to do things in your own wisdom and strength, but He will constrain you to keep ministering before God as sanctified ones who have gone only at His command, who stand back at His command, and who listen to His command.

Sanctified ones do not live and spend their strength and days according to their own counsels and programs; they get their programs from the King day by day. They learn, standing before Him, to get deeper into knowledge and acquaintance with Him, and so again He is able to commit to them harder commissions than before. As sanctified ones, living before the King and for the King and through the King, they know their Lord better and better; they go from knowledge to knowledge in holy hours of profitable intercourse with Him and in intense work at His command.

Let us be careful to walk according to the light that we may have today and let us go on for years with a hard question, if necessary. There are tendencies in our flesh, in our mind, and in our brain that are very difficult to get over in the spiritual world. So we move deeper and deeper into the Cross, closer and closer into touch through the Spirit with every member of the Body of Christ, going deeper and deeper into the Divine work of God. Thus the Lord prepares us for the last realization–the last application of the highest things that He has made ready–even victory over death!

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