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I have been blessed to find an article that all of you need also to read!

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“Purity” is a HUGE word in the Christian world. It is something to which we all attain. It is a level of behavior to which all serious believers strive to attain. Usually it is related to sexual behavior, though it also has implications to finances and most other aspects of life.

However, I am not talking about a purity of behavior. That is important and understood.

I am talking about something more basic, something upon which the outward appearance of behavior is based. I am talking about a purity not just of mind, where our thoughts are pure, but of MINDSET. By this I mean that part of us that is our “programming”, the part of us that controls everything else about which we think, do, and say.

Let me tell you a story to try to explain it.

I was raised in a Christian family and from an early age was a believer, at least in mind and intent. In high school I had the unfathomable privilege of sitting under the teaching of my Dad as he rigorously instructed us in the principles of Mary McDonough’s God’s Plan of Redemption. (Available at the website and should, in my opinion, be the first book given – and taught – a new believer right after he gets his Bible!) So I was well grounded in Christian belief. Following college I taught in two Christian schools, spent two years in the US Navy on active duty, and two years in a graduate school program. So I had lots of experience in life under my belt from “both sides of the street” so to speak.

Then I put foot inside a medical school classroom. From the VERY FIRST day I knew something was amiss. Something was not right. I could not come up with a word to describe accurately my knowing. Medical school was not particularly “immoral”, at least no more and probably less so than some of the other places I had been to date. Nor was it “moral”. It made choices based not on God’s Law, or righteousness, or even human sanctity at times. It was a law unto itself. So I used the word “amoral” to describe my feeling, knowing it wasn’t accurate or adequate, but knowing that was all I had at the time.

Seven years later, having completed medical school and a three year residency, I was beginning a private practice. A dear friend sent me a book titled Confessions of a Medical Heretic. In it, the author, a pediatrician who grew up in the Jewish faith, likened medicine to a religious system. He pointed out that every religious system has certain components:


To clarify the point, in Medicine they are as follows (you can likely figure out most):

Temple – Hospital
Priest – Doctor
Vestments – White coat, nurses’ uniforms, etc.
Sacraments – History taking, Diagnosis
Rituals – Physical Exam, Tests
Pronouncements – “You have <disease>” or “you have 6 months to live”
Tools – Stethoscopes, Xray machines, Blood tests, etc.

Imagine my little brain whirling as the lights all of a sudden came on in a blaze! I finally understood and could articulate what was wrong all those years I had been in medicine! I had been in a different religious culture and hadn’t known it!! I was worshiping at an altar different than the one I had come to love as a child, different than the one which paid homage to the One True God, and didn’t know it!!! And at the same time I was remaining true in my beliefs about God, going to church, fellowshiping with fellow believers, etc. But my mind was being trained in a system in antithesis to that of Loving Father.

I was “pure” of thinking and acting, but I DID NOT have Purity of Thought. 

Please excuse my personal example. Now let me get more personal with you. What religious system are you in?

Let me list a few (I apologize ahead of time if I tread on some toes or feelings here).

Church, including the churches of Christianity
Medicine, of course

I would suggest to you that each of these have their own religious components as outlined above, making them each a religious system. If we are trained in them, we have been trained to be priests in the various religions.

Now, am I saying that we should get out of all of these (all of life, then) and go hide somewhere to be pure?


We are called to be in these fields of endeavor, redemptively.

But here is the point.

We need to be AWARE of the religious nature of each of these. Our call is to be disciples of the ONE and ONLY TRUE YAHWEH and His Son, YESHUA. We are not called to be priests of some other religion.  Being aware of the difference gives us the power and  freedom to disengage from one and follow the other when the necessity to do so arises. It gives us proper perspective and makes the choice easier to follow God when it comes to choices of that nature. It keeps us aligned with heavenly values and insights. It will make us Education Heretics, Law Heretics, Business Heretics, Marketing Heretics, Heretics in general. Some of us may find that a difficult place in which to be.

However, it will give us a Purity of Thinking!

May Loving Father be Honored and Blessed in that!



Three Brothers Books has, since its inception online in 2000, threatened to do a regular newsletter of some type. Somehow we just never got around to it.


With the advent of blogging technology and a program like WordPress, this will be very easy to do.

God has recently impressed upon me to become much more active in making available the works offered at Three Brothers Books. There is also a multitude of articles and thoughts and comments and observations that my late father, George A. Moreshead, left behind that will now be made available as well. This will likely be in serial form and eventually placed into booklet form as well. We are also considering very strongly the possibility of audio form to make it even more accessible and “user-friendly.”

We are trusting Father to supply the funds and/or to bless the sales of these projects to make it feasible financially as well.

So, this is the first, introductory, blog posting bringing an awareness of this larger project, this expanded step, this moving into reality the vision longstanding to make Three Brothers Books a greater part of the Christian community.

You are welcome to come for the ride! Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome; almost revered.